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Almond Biscotti at Roman Candle Baking Co. 0

Roman Candle Baking Co.
3377 SE Division St. – Portland

This is the second time I’m talking to you about biscotti. (The first was just last month.)

Note: I should actually say from Roman Candle, not at. I found these biscotti  at Case Study Coffee on NE Sandy  — along with a solid lineup of other RC pastries. I’ve never actually seen it at Roman Candle because their pastry case was close to empty 9 out of the approximately 10 times I’ve been there -despite the fact that it was nowhere near closing time on any of those visits. (This is one of my beefs with RC – but I won’t get into that now.)

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Amaretto Cookie at Bluebird Bakers 0

Bluebird Bakers
2390 NW Thurman – Portland

Man, have I been on some kind of an almond jag lately. I made marzipan for the first time a couple of weeks ago (so much easier than I realized). I also bought a Bakeshop almond croissant at Extracto Coffeehouse last week, and anyone who knows me knows that this is far off of my beaten pastry path. Not sure what’s happening in my head and mouth, but something in there is telling me it needs to eat almond paste.

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Almond Currant Biscotti at Whole Foods (sugar free*) 0

Whole Foods Market
NE 15th/Fremont – Portland

 This is the first time I’m talking to you about biscotti.

It is not because I hate biscotti. It is because I don’t see them; biscotti are like wallpaper to me.

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Almond Meringue* at Hot Cakes 0

Hot Cakes Molten Chocolate Cakery
5427 Ballard Ave NW – Seattle

Oh. My. God.  If you enjoy a meringue like I do, go to this place. And if you enjoy toasted almonds inside your massive meringue, through and through like I do, don’t waste any time.

Duuuuuudes. This is a really good meringue.

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Almond Cookie at Nuvrei 3

Nuvrei Patisserie
404 NW 10th Avenue – Portland

Nuvrei, a Portland bakery supplying superior almond croissant, berry brioche and an exceptionally fantastic flourless chocolate chewy cookie to the city’s best coffee shops, has opened a retail café above their bakery in The Pearl District. In case you’ve never had a Nuvrei item in your mouth before, let me spell it out for you: this is great news.

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Almond Meringue at The Bread Peddler 2

Note: This meringue is sitting on a dinner plate, not a saucer, not a salad plate. What I’m saying is: this is a big-ass cookie.

The Bread Peddler
222 Capitol Way North – Olympia, WA

Meringue, probably more than most cookies (and pie toppers, for that fact), is divisive.  I have friends who ADORE meringue, and others who tell me that it is not so much different than eating a stick of sidewalk chalk. I am not sure if I know anyone who sits on the fence with meringue, anyone who says: “eh, it’s alright.  I can take it or leave it.”  A person will either take it – with gusto, or leave it – happily. And like all matters of taste, there is no accounting for it. We likes what we likes.

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Almond Horn at Whole Foods 14

Whole Foods Market
Portland – various locations

Is it a cookie? Or is it a confection?  It’s sitting behind the glass next to all the other cookies,  but I’d say this one sort of rides the fence being that a) it contains not a lick of flour (not that flour is a requirement for cookie classification) and b) enclosed within its thin, almond-encrusted sheath, is a dense, slightly sticky mass of sweet, sugary marzipan – behaving more like candy than cookie, imo.  Its ingredients are: sugar, almonds, almond paste, egg whites and salt. Read more »

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