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Chocolate Chip Cookie at The Slanted Door 0

The Slanted Door cookie kiosk
Ferry Building Marketplace- San Francisco

Note: I found this cookie NOT in the actual Slanted Door restaurant, but instead just outside of it, amongst the kiosks in the main hallway of the Ferry Building Marketplace. I’m not sure whether this a regular Slanted Door cookie stand or if it exists only occasionally. Looks like I assed-out with the information-gathering on this one. Sorry guys. 

I was with my mom on a short visit to S.F. last week and by the time I found this nugget last Saturday, we’d walked probably 5 miles and tasted about 4 other cookies in the Ferry Building/farmers’ – all of them before noon. The day before that, we’d tasted about 3 others in the city. This was the most remarkable of the bunch.

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Chocolate Chip Cookie with Brown Butter and Salt at Costello’s Travel Caffe 0

Costello’s Travel Caffé
2222 NE Broadway – Portland

I’m on the fence about this cookie.

On one hand, I’m mad at it for being neither brown buttery or salty in any profound way. Read more »

Mud Bay Cookie @ The Bread Peddler 0

The Bread Peddler
222 N. Capitol Way – Olympia

In another uncharacteristic move on my part, I’m throwin some more p-butter your way. That’s 2 in a row, cookie monsters!

Clearly, this one has more than just peanut butter going on.

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Peanut Butter Milk Chocolate at Woodlawn Coffee and Pastry 0

Woodlawn Coffee and Pastry
808 NE Dekum – Portland

In an effort to make up for  Carpe Cookie’s  under representation of peanut butter, I took one for the team today.

And I am happy to tell you that it did not taste like sacrifice.

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Oatmeal Chocolate Chip at Laughing Planet 0

Laughing Planet Café
7 locations in Portland (and a couple in Eugene and Corvallis)

I’m sorry to say that I’ve overlooked this cookie for a long time. Truthfully, the only reason I ever even go to Laughing Planet is to grab the Hempseed Carob Hazelnut, probably the most unlikely cookie on my list of favorites. I’ve told you about this one. I’ve mentioned that there is no logical reason for me to love this cookie; it has hemp, it has carob,it has hazelnuts (not my favorite nut). Oh yeah, and it’s a little bit over-baked. I can’t explain or justify its credibility, all I know is that it is oddly compelling.

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Chocolate Chip at Miss Zumstein 0

Miss Zumstein Bakery & Coffee Shop
5027 NE 42nd Ave – Portland

The most back-to-basic ccc I’ve found at a quality bakery since…maybe ever.

No irregular, misshapen chunks of chocolate dominating the cookie -only  good, semisweet chocolate chip-shaped chips. Read more »

Buckwheat Chocolate Chip at Tabor Bread 0

Tabor Bread
5051 SE Hawthorne Blvd – Portland

I love buckwheat.

And I love that Tabor Bread embraces  the many, many flours other than (but also including) wheat that exist in the world  and uses them – to great effect – on classics like oatmeal raisin, shortbread, etc. Not to mention a compelling array of beautiful yeasted breads.

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Momofuku Cornflake Cookie at Pie Spot 0

Pie Spot
521 NE 24th Avenue- Portland

Yes, this is a place for pies. Little bitty personal-sized pies.  An impressively prolific variety, I might add.

Which is cool. But more compelling than the pies, if you ask me, are the cookies. (Because, uh…this ain’t no pie blog.) I’ve been here twice (two days in a row because I was working around the corner in a studio a couple of weeks ago) and each day they were making both regular chocolate chip and these here Momofuku cornflake cookies.

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Chocolate Chip Cookie at Comet Coffee – St. Louis 2

Comet Coffee
5708 Oakland Ave – St. Louis, MO

The following is the first ever GUEST POST on carpe-cookie.  Here’s what’s true: I know very few, if any, cookie eaters who put as much time, planning, consideration and reflection into cookies as I do. Chris W. is one of these people.

Chris is currently visiting St. Louis; this afternoon he sent me texts (yes, plural) about a fantastic-sounding chocolate chip cookie that he was eating – in real time. In his words:

CW: Messy cc cookie just out of the oven. Comet Coffee in St. Louis, MO. I’m  usually not into the Read more »

Oatmeal Chocolate with Cranberries (and rye flour) at Tabor Bread 0

Tabor Bread
5051 SE Hawthorne Blvd – Portland

Tabor Bread mills their own flours and bakes their bread and pastries in a wood fired oven – apparently the first retail bakery in Portland to do so.  I was surprised to read this. I mean, this is Portland – D.I.Y. headquarters of America! But it says so on their website, and who am I to second guess the internet?

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