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Pumpkin Cookie with Brown Sugar Icing at Sweet Life 2

Sweet Life Patisserie
755 Monroe Street – Eugene, OR

Here’s why I love this cookie:

1. It’s made out of pumpkin. There is no good  reason we should be eating pumpkin only from October-December; this is why preservation was invented, friends.  Canned pumpkin is a lovely, lovely thing and I want to eat it in February, June and August as much as I do in November. Pumpkin need not be any more “seasonal” than ketchup or jam. The bakers at Sweet Life understand this fact and therefore grace us with their awesome pumpkin cookie 12 months a year.*  And for that I thank them.

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Cougar Mountain cookie dough 1

Cougar Mountain Baking Company

Pumpkin Cookie Dough
Your grocer’s refrigerator case – hint: look near the Kozy Shack Pudding!**
$3.50-$3.99-ish/18 oz (apx 18 cookies-worth)

I had oral surgery last week.  I’m not talking about your run of the mill, pansy-ass root canal, friends. This was some serious shit: several (as in, more than a couple) teeth were extracted (by my Chris O’Donnell look-alike periodontist, btw), Read more »

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