Chocolate Chip at Stella Taco 0

Stella Taco
2940 NE Alberta – Portland

Q:  Why is it that a taco joint is completely NAILING chocolate chip cookies?

Stella makes exactly one* baked good and they make the $*!% out of it.

Somebody in that kitchen, clearly, is a cookie scholar – and  is managing to get these gems under a glass dome at the cash register on a regular basis. (I’ve seen them every time I’ve been there, with maybe one exception when they’d sold out.)

I’ve said before that I much prefer traditional chocolate chips rather than big chunks in my ccc, but because the rest of the this nugget is so exceptional, I am willing to overlook that in this case.


The Lowdown:

• Underbaked (Aka: baked exactly the right amount of time.) I think this comes across in the photo above. The dense moisture of the cookie virtually leaps off the screen – am I right?)

• Slight toffee-like flavor, a result of an “aged” dough. I’m guessing the dough is rested in the refrigerator for a couple of days before baking - not a secret technique at this point in time, yet so few profesh bakers take this extra step. My plea to both amateur and pros: DO IT! It is so goddamned worthwhile. I promise you.

• Perfect size. Shouldn’t be smaller (for $2) and doesn’t need to be any bigger.

• Good quality dark/semi-sweet chocolate

• No nuts

• Bonus points for offering a great cookie in an unexpected venue for great cookies. I extra love it when this happens.

Note: I’m refraining from making my frequent “not enough salt” complaint because while it is true that this cookie could def use some, here’s the thing: you’re AT a taqueria, guys. They have so much salt there. Regular salt, limey salt, and, I’m presuming, margarita salt. So if you’re like me you can rectify the dearth of salt with a shake or two, right on the premises. No big deal. 

* I’m pretty sure. As far as I’ve seen, anyway.







Mocha Cookie at The Café at The Line Hotel 0

Café at Line Hotel
3515 Wilshire Blvd – Los Angeles

Had a work/fun trip to LA last week for a few days and was put up in this Koreatown hotel for one night. I knew nothing about the place before I showed up so I was bummed that I’d made plans to meet my friends at The Ace for drinks instead of insisting they come there. I mean, The Ace is… Read more »

Triple Chocolate Chip at Serious Business Pastries* 0

*purchased at café next door to bakery:
Café Eleven
435 NE Rosa Parks Way – Portland

It is no secret that I’m a fan of a double dark chocolate/triple chocolate/chocolate whopper/ooey gooey chocolate cookie. It has a variety of handles, this dark brown beauty, but it mainly boils down to this:

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Ooey Gooey Double Chocolate at Milk 0

7290 Beverly Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA


I’ve been very fond of the cookies at Milk since my first visit – in 2008 – and I return every time I’m in Los Angeles. (I like L.A.)  Four years ago I proclaimed Milk’s iced spice molasses cookie my favorite molasses cookie ever. 

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Chocolate Chip Cookie at Comet Coffee – St. Louis 2

Comet Coffee
5708 Oakland Ave – St. Louis, MO

The following is the first ever GUEST POST on carpe-cookie.  Here’s what’s true: I know very few, if any, cookie eaters who put as much time, planning, consideration and reflection into cookies as I do. Chris W. is one of these people.

Chris is currently visiting St. Louis; this afternoon he sent me texts (yes, plural) about a fantastic-sounding chocolate chip cookie that he was eating – in real time. In his words:

CW: Messy cc cookie just out of the oven. Comet Coffee in St. Louis, MO. I’m  usually not into the Read more »

Chocolate Orange Flourless at Bushel & Peck 0

Bushel & Peck Bakeshop
3907 NE Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd – Portland

I said there would be more soon from Bushel & Peck. I wasn’t lying.

This one:  a chocolate crinkle. But like the ginger molasses with sesame from the same bakery, it’s a classic with a twist that takes it from (sort of) ubiquitous to fairly unique. The orange (zest, I’m presuming) is a great addition to an already delicious cookie

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Chocolate Chunk Pecan at Pearl Bakery 0

Pearl Bakery (purchased at Pastaworks)
102 NW 9th Ave  – Portland

It’s not as easy as you’d think to find a chocolate chip/chunk cookie with nuts that are not walnuts. So I am happy when I do.

And when the non-walnuts are pecans, even better.

AND…when the cookie is prepared in the style of the best chocolate chip cookies I’ve ever met (David Leite’s New York Times recipe, circa 1998), even BETTER.

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Chocolate Pecan Chewy (gluten free) 0

Compote Café and Bakery
2032 SE Clinton – Portland

Had a coffee date with my friend Carin this morning, who (politely and non aggressively) admonished me for not having posted about a gluten free cookie anytime recently.

Luckily she brought along two different gluten-free goodies from Compote, a nice (not exclusively) gf bakery/cafe in her neighborhood. (Thanks, Carin! I owe you one. Or two.)  I’ve been to Compote. It’s a nice joint and I think I’ve Read more »

Bittersweet Chocolate with Oregon Sea Salt at Saint Cupcake 1

Saint Cupcake
1138 SW Morrison & 3300 SE Belmont – Portland

I’d been resisting buying a cookie from Saint Cupcake based on two facts.

1: I am not a big fan of Saint Cupcake’s cupcakes (it’s a frosting issue. That, and I really don’t understand the fuss about cupcakes, in general. Another story, another blog…)

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Chocolate Crinkle at New Seasons 0

New Seasons Market
Various Locations (this one purchased at Concordia store)

I have been inside this store anywhere between 4 and 10 times/week (really) since it first opened in my neighborhood – over 10 years ago. Which makes it somewhat shocking that the first time this cookie made its way into my mouth was about 2 months ago.

It just looked…uninviting, I guess. I’ve had a longtime love for  the triple chocolate at Grand Central – not to mention several other cookies that fall under this general umbrella of double/triple chocolateyness. So you’d think I would’ve been all over this one like white on rice.

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