Almond Meringue* at Hot Cakes 0

Hot Cakes Molten Chocolate Cakery
5427 Ballard Ave NW – Seattle

Oh. My. God.  If you enjoy a meringue like I do, go to this place. And if you enjoy toasted almonds inside your massive meringue, through and through like I do, don’t waste any time.

Duuuuuudes. This is a really good meringue.

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Rick’s Chocolate Apricot Espresso at Macrina Bakery 2

Macrina Bakery
Multiple locations – Seattle

This was certainly not my first visit to Macrina. But for some reason, it was the first time I decided to pick up one of these bad boys. In fact, I’m pretty sure that my brother – who lives in Seattle, is often my cookie cohort when I visit the city, and is coincidentally named Rick (no relation to the cookie) – once told me that this cookie was either strange or bad or not awesome. Or something like that.

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Oatmeal Raisin at Grand Central Bakery 0

Grand Central Bakery
Various locations – Portland and Seattle

Quite awhile ago I told you about the oatmeal raisin at New Seasons Market, a cookie that is baked on site at the New Seasons bakery -  from dough made by Grand Central Bakery.

The oatmeal raisin at New Seasons, however, is not the same oatmeal raisin cookie that you will find at an actual Grand Central Bakery. They are both very respectable versions of the oatmeal raisin category (one of my all time favorites, in case this isn’t obvious by now), but the one that Grand Central makes for their own bakeries wins my vote for 1st place between the two. I guess it only makes sense that Grand Central would send out their star player under their own brand. Sort of like Gap vs. Old Navy?  Maybe not quite, but…something like that.

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Oatmeal Raisin and Fig* at Macrina Bakery 1

Macrina Bakery
1943 First Avenue South – Seattle (plus 2 other Seattle locations)

At the beach this week – in lovely Manzanita, Oregon.  I am with my family, celebrating my mom’s 70th birthday.  Knowing that I’d be kicking around here for 5 days with nothing more on the agenda than reading, running on the beach, munching on forty seven different types of snacks that come in bags that I rarely normally eat, drinking too much white wine, and hanging out with my kinfolk, I figured I’d have some extra time to track down and then tell you about a great beach cookie.

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Oatmeal Fig at Bakery Nouveau 2

Bakery Nouveau
4737 California Ave. SW – West Seattle

Holy shit, ANOTHER  fantastic oatmeal cookie!  They’re comin’ outta the woodwork lately – breaking new oatmeal ground.  And I am not complaining.

I recently declared that the oatmeal cranberry currant at Common Grounds may be the best one around,  but I spoke too soon. Not that I would EVER turn down the Common Grounds cookie (still a fantastic offering worth going out of your way for) – especially in light of the fact that the one I’m about to lay on you is a 3 hour drive from where I live.

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Cougar Mountain cookie dough 1

Cougar Mountain Baking Company

Pumpkin Cookie Dough
Your grocer’s refrigerator case – hint: look near the Kozy Shack Pudding!**
$3.50-$3.99-ish/18 oz (apx 18 cookies-worth)

I had oral surgery last week.  I’m not talking about your run of the mill, pansy-ass root canal, friends. This was some serious shit: several (as in, more than a couple) teeth were extracted (by my Chris O’Donnell look-alike periodontist, btw), Read more »

Shortbread at Fresh Flours 0

Fresh Flours
6015 Phinney Ave. N

$ ? (not more than a buck apiece, possibly less)

chocolate almond shortbread & green tea shortbread

Dear Fresh Flours bakers:

Buy a bag of salt. Please. Your cookies are very pleasing to the eye, as are the rest of your wares. I have no doubt that top notch ingredients are at play here, but they are totally lost on me because I CAN BARELY TASTE THEM.  Because you don’t use any G-d blessed salt – the most fundamental of all flavor enhancers. What gives?



Caramel Coconut Macaron at Honore 0

Honore Artisan Bakery
1413 NW 70th St. – Seattle

Yes, that’s right – there is coconut happening here.  But as you can see by the photo, this cookie, to be sure, is a macaron – not a macaroon.

That is to say, it is not in any way a coconut macaroon a la Red Fox Bakery, as recently reported.  Rather, it is a Parisian macaron, using shredded coconut in place of the typical ground almond. I realize the word “coconut” in the title may be misleading.  So…don’t be misled. It’s not a macaroon.  It’s a macaron.  Are we clear?

No?  Well, I’m going to spare you a  lengthy definition of macaroons and macarons because I figure if you already know, then I’ll be boring your pants off, and if you don’t already know, then you can look here. Read more »

Ginger Cookie at Tall Grass Bakery 0

Tall Grass Bakery
5907 24TH Ave NW – Seattle

The photo tells you most of what you need to know.  But here is the rest: earthy and toothsome – made with whole wheat flour, chunks of candied ginger and plenty of good, dark molasses, this is the Cheech and Chong fatty spliff of the ginger molasses community. Read more »

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