My name is Joanna and I believe that a great cookie can make a bad day okay and an okay day terrific. I like to find great cookies, I like to make great cookies and most of all, I like to eat great cookies. And, as it turns out, I have a thing or two to say about all these great cookies – therefore I believe that sharing my abundance of cookie thoughts and experiences with my fellow cookie monsters is my civic duty, if not my entire raison d’etre.

I live in Portland, Oregon, home to its fair share of very good cookies. My cookie scouting is not, however, limited to Portland; searching out the most awesome local cookies when visiting other cities is at the very top of my travel agenda – before museums, shopping, even restaurants.

In short, I am a cookie chaser. And the aim of this blog is to chronicle and record my prey. Not only do I welcome suggestions and insights regarding cookies across the globe, I expect them.

Yes, I do realize that I used the word “cookie” twelve times in the above paragraph (fifteen, including this one). Stylistically undesirable, oui, but when you wanna talk about cookies, you gotta say “cookies” kind of a lot. There is no way around it.

In sum, life is short. Too short to eat shitty cookies.

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  1. Hi Joanna-
    Love the blog – have bookmarked it and will be visiting often. You are a great writer! Great meeting you at Jenny’s shower.

    1. Hi Tia,
      Thanks so much for checking out my blog – and for your comment. I really appreciate the compliment, and knowing that there are actually real, live people reading my cookie reports only motivates me to get out there and continue my grueling research.

      I’m glad we were seated together at the shower the other day; it was great meeting and talking to you, too. If amazing cookies cross your path, you know who to tell!

  2. Hey Joanna! I loved your blog!!!! The three chocolates in the triple chocolate cookie you love so much are semi sweet chips, unsweetened chocolate liquor wafers and milk chocolate chips. They are made with a bit of espresso to punch up the chocolate flavor. I can give you the recipe if you would like it, or you can just let our bakers do the work for you!

    Happy eating!

    -Gina Langley
    GCB Retail Pastry Manager

  3. Gina,

    I’m so glad to hear that you like the blog – thank you!
    And thanks so much for shedding light on the mystery of the three chocolates in your always-pleasing Triple Chocolate Cookie. I truly do think GCB is super solid and definitely one of the top bakeries in Portland, a city LOUSY with bakeries. You perform a great (and very appreciated) service.

    Since the time that I wrote that post, I realized that the recipe is in the Grand Central Bakery cookbook. So if I ever get a bug to make them, I know where to turn (unless you have some secret that your holding out on?) In the meantime, I WILL let your bakers do the work for me.


  4. I found you as i was searching for a recipe for Jewish Almond Horns! Way back in my childhood( 1948) we used to buy them at a deli in West Hollywood. I have searched long and far to replicate them. It’s nice to find a clear reference to them and on another kosherfood site I finally found a recipe. I make my own almond paste so soon, soon, soon, there will be Almond Horns in Whoville!

  5. Hi Leni,

    Wow, I had no idea this cookie had Jewish roots. Were the Jewish almond horns of your West Hollywood youth similar to these (flourless, with a marzipan-like center)? Or more like a crunchy mandlebrot?

    I’ve been to more bar/bat mitzvahs than I can count (not to mention a couple-few Jewish delis along the way) and I don’t remember ever seeing anything like these. I’m intrigued! Who knew Whole Foods would be responsible for resurrecting a forgotten gem of our people? Would you mind sharing the link to the recipe that you found on the kosher food site?

    Homemade almond paste = awesome. You’ve inspired me to try this. How hard could it be?

    Thanks for your comment,

    1. Peter: I mean, can you think of a more accurate way to describe my disproportionate fondness for cookies? “Cookie Chaser” just seemed to fit.

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